The mission of the Livingston Roundup is to have the Best Pro Rodeo in the state of Montana. The Livingston Roundup is one of the premier rodeos over the July 4th holiday. Most Cowboys and Cowgirls call it Cowboy Christmas.

All board members are strictly volunteer and for most of the board members it is a 12 month job. Each of the board members is assigned a committee to head up from Finance to Grounds and that is their job for the year.

Contact the Livingston Roundup Association at: PO Box 800 Livingston, MT 59047 Phone: 406.222.3199

Board of Directors

Bruce Becker – President 
Ivan Bosley – Vice President
Stacy Sunvison – Secretary
Peggy Glass – Treasurer

Vicki Ayres – Director
Sharon Payne – Director
Danny Nelson – Arena Director
Sue Nelson – Director
Shawn O’Neil – Director
Paul Sunvison – Director
Carla Williams – Director
Mike Hanthorne – Director
Cathy Bosley – Director
Pam Payovich – Director